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Pupil Achievement


In order to assess achievement over time the children are assessed when they enter the school to provide a baseline for measuring progress. This baseline can vary depending on the age and experiences of the child up to that point. For this reason it is a key indicator that is taken into consideration when assessing pupil progress throughout the school.


End of key stage attainment is measured using the national tests. Due to the nature of our small cohorts, our results are not published nationally. Patterns over time can be quite varied, again due the very small size of the cohorts in school.


End of Key Stage Two Attainment 2014

Attainment for our pupils in this cohort demonstrated a slight dip for the year. However results over time are consistently good in all subjects compared to national outcomes.

End of Key Stage Two Attainment 2015

Attainment in all subjects this year has shown an upward trend compared to national results. Those children achieving at a level higher than national expectations has shown an upward trend.

End of Key Stage Two Attainment 2016

Results this year are the first set since the change in the assessments for the new curriculum. Our in year tracking demonstrates good progress over time for this cohort. There is some variance in the  end of year spelling, grammar, punctuation  and writing. However we are really pleased to see that our results for maths, reading and science are reflective of the general picture nationally. 

 End of Key Stage Two Attainment 2017

As usual our small cohorts mean that our results are variable from year to year. This year our strength has been with the success of the attainment of children with SEN. A view across all subjects shows a set of good results for our pupils from varied starting points.