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Collective Worship

Links with the Church Community are very strong and enable us to ensure our Christian ethos is securely communicated. There are frequent visitors to the school to contribute to our daily act of worship, visits to the local church for fixed feast festivals and regular assemblies are held in the church to promote it as a place for spiritual calm.


As a Church of England School our collective worship always has a Christian perspective. Encouraging our children to make clear links between the Christian faith and different aspects of their lives.If any parent wishes to withdraw a child from this area of the curriculum they should arrange to discuss this with the Head Teacher.


Collective Worship Themes for the Autumn Term 2019


CREATIVITY - A Christian Perspective

All of life is a gift, entrusted by a loving creator God, to humankind for a purpose. This purpose is glimpsed as the creative spirit within each person, learns to value and explore, celebrate and enjoy this world and all it's mystery and diversity. With this gift comes a mutual responsibility, to ensure the creation is not spoiled, but rather sustained and shared by all.


Ref. Values For Life - Jumping Fish Publication


PEACE - A Christian Perspective

Jesus said : "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God." (Matthew 5:9) Peace-making actions can range from helping to resolve conflict to creating space for stillness. Peace, in the sense of total well-being, is God's intention for the whole of creation, and is a promise that awaits ultimate fulfilment.

 Ref. Values For Life - Jumping Fish Publication